Since I was a preschooler I have been on my bicycle going all over the place, which is quite normal for the average Dutch youngster. Growing up I never had the need for any motorised transportation so the bike still is a constant companion. I have to admit that maintenance was never my cup of tea. I have worn out so much bicycles that I can’t even remember how many.

For years I have lived a semi-nomadic anti-squat lifestyle, a way for me to have more freedom and not having to pay big sums of money for a house or a big rent. In the future there are plans to build a small house mortgage free and grow some of my own produce. 

To quench my adventurous nature I am now about to fullfill a long time dream: Cycling a line over the World. A reliable bike is key so I had to bump up my maintenance skills a couple of notches ;.) 

When working on an Earthship studio in Portugal I met Peter Gostlow from ‘The Big Africa Cycle’ and started following his blog. His stories and photographs hooked me in a profound way and a big bike trip has been brewing in my mind ever since.

After many backpacking and hiking trips now it is time for “the Big one”. I am grateful that I can share this voyage of a lifetime with my girlfriend. Sharing such a grand plan is a dream in a dream.

Inspired by lots of bloggers, youtubers and documentary makers this content is our way of paying it forward. My hope is that inspiration finds someone from the words, photo’s and video’s presented here. 




I had a lovely childhood growing up in the Netherlands together with my sister. When I was eight years old my parents bought a house in a small village in Spain. Looking outside the windows you can see the foothills of the Pyrenees.

In this area there’s nothing more to do then spend the whole day by the riverside and travel in the mountains. And that’s what we did for a couple of months every year: rafting, hiking, swimming, abseiling … It’s  the place where my love for the outdoors began.

During high school my parents took us to several countries outside of Europe. I was fortunate to see many parts of the world at a young age and it left me with a sense of confusion about my place on this planet. Later on people around me were busy settling down, I wasn’t ready for that… I love to discover, play, to laugh, love, to connect and have fun… I want to be an adventurer, always curious to know what’s around the corner. 

When I turned twenty one I met Eric, we share a passion for adventure and made many travels together since. Eric introduced me to long distance hiking and after some try-outs I began to enjoy the feeling of such a physical and mental challenge. When I think of my future I see us living somewhere rural and self sustainable. A semi nomadic lifestyle with a calm and happy mind, doing the things we like and spending time with the ones we love.

In Darjeeling India we met a Dutch couple who named themselves ‘the Rolling Oldies’. They inspired me with their beautiful positive spirit. They just came back from hiking the Annapurna circuit in Nepal and convinced us to do the same: Hiking for two weeks in the Himalaya’s with the highest point being 5416 meter Thorung La pass, a difficult and amazing experience! Cok and Ellie cycled all over the world, what a crazy thing I thought, how can you possibly cycle over all those mountains…

And here we are… A long time planning and saving up, ready for those mountain passes 😉 I’m so grateful that I can share this adventure with one of my favourite persons in the world. Finally I can free my adventurous soul and study the world in a way I never could have imagined a few years back.