Since I was a preschooler I have been on my bicycle going all over the place, which is quite normal for the average Dutch youngster. Growing up I never had the need for any motorised transportation so the bike still is a constant companion. I have to admit that maintenance was never my cup of tea. I have worn out so much bicycles that I can’t even remember how many.

For years I have lived a semi-nomadic anti-squat lifestyle, a way for me to have more freedom and not having to pay big sums of money for a house or a big rent. In the future there are plans to build a small house mortgage free and grow some of my own produce. 

To quench my adventurous nature I am now about to fullfill a long time dream: Cycling a line over the World. A reliable bike is key so I had to bump up my maintenance skills a couple of notches ;.) 

When working on an Earthship studio in Portugal I met Peter Gostlow from ‘The Big Africa Cycle’ and started following his blog. His stories and photographs hooked me in a profound way and a big bike trip has been brewing in my mind ever since.

After many backpacking and hiking trips now it is time for “the Big one”. I am grateful that I can share this voyage of a lifetime with my girlfriend. Sharing such a grand plan is a dream in a dream.

Inspired by lots of bloggers, youtubers and documentary makers this content is our way of paying it forward. My hope is that inspiration finds someone from the words, photo’s and video’s presented here. 




At a young age my parents took me and my sister traveling to different parts of the world. To see and experience other cultures and ways of living made a deep impression, inspired me and left me longing for more. I was left with a sense of confusion about my place on this planet and questioned the life I was currently living. School, career, marriage, house, baby… I mean, everybody does it like this right? Later on when people around me were busy pursuing their career or settling down, I felt I wasn’t ready for that…

After trying, succeeding but also failing different studies, I realised that I didn’t feel inspired and had absolutely no clue what I wanted out of life. My thoughts went back to a dream I always had: Traveling the World. After falling in love with my partner & best friend Eric we discovered we had a common desire to experience life in a more profound and meaningful way. A series of events made us eventually decide to take the plunge: Save up, quit our jobs, sell everything we own and start an adventure that felt bizar & extremely exciting at the same time: Cycling from the Netherlands to Southeast Asia.

And here we are!

I’m so grateful that I can share this adventure with my favourite person in the world and with all the people that enjoy to follow along with us. Finally I not only feel like I found the right study, but also a platform to share my passion for photography & filmmaking and dare I say it… a dream job! After a few years living ‘the bike life’, I know that this is where I want to be and how I want to live: meaningful, simple, free, and infinitely inspiring in so many ways!