Tent: Marmot Vapor 4 Persons – It’s a palace!
Groundsheet: Marmot – Extending the lifespan of our tent.
Tarp: DD Tarp 3x3m – Keeping our bicycles dry, to cook under when it rains, extra shade, windblock etc.
Tent Light: Lucy Light – Solar powered, for setting the mood at night.

Camp Chair Hers: Helinox Copy – A lazy chair, very comfy and not to heavy.
Camp Stool His: Walkstool Comfort 45 –  A simple collapsing tripod, fast setup.
Ground Pad (2x): Thermarest Z-pad Small – Just a small footprint of insulation to sit on. Two pads make one backup sleeping mat.

Water Purifier: Steripen Ultra – Convenient way to kill possible waterborne diseases. Instead of chlorine or iodine tablets. Not for cloudy water!
Water Filter: Drink Safe Systems – Gravity filter modified to work with the Dromedary bag. For a more thorough backcountry water filtering system.
Water Bag: MSR Dromedary 10L – For extra water when we are out and about.


Stove: Primus Omnifuel II – A beast of a stove, multifuel capable, with windscreen and pump.
   *Damper: Berniedawg – To reduce power of the stove for simmering and noise reduction.
Fuel bottles (2x): Primus – The 1L for cooking fuel, 0,6L bottle contains alcohol to light the stove soot free.
Gas Canister: Screw On – The stove also takes gas canisters. If the weather is really nasty we can cook in the tents vestibule without having to prime the stove.

Pan: China Brand 3,0L – Stainless steel pan with frypan lid and a locking bail handle for hanging over the fire.
   *Spice Box: Plastic with Sealing Lid – Here we keep all our herbs & spices organised and ready to go.
Pot: Mors Bushpot 1,8L – Hard anodized aluminium. Locking bail handle, spout, folding pouring handle, snug lid. A bushcrafters dream!
Thermos: Primus 0,75L – Hot water on demand for tea, coffee, soup, a down and dirty wash etc.
   *Funnel: Silicone – To help with pouring soup/stews.

Cutting Board: Generic – Lightweight of course.
Kitchen Knife: Crete – A gift from my dad (Eric). Sharp, not to big and with a sturdy sheath.
Pocket Knives: Opinel 9 – One for each. A more on to go kind of item
Spoons: Wooden
Plates: MSR Deepdish Plate & Titanium Plate – Hers and His. Titanium for some cooking experiments…
Mug: Zyliss Hotmug – Insulated mug with a French coffee press.

Extra Food Box: Generic – With a leak free seal. We make big batches of food and store for later.
Food containers: Nalgene – Storing herbs, oils and other fluids.
Peeler: Generic – For easy peeling 🙂
Wooden spatula: DIY – A favourite pastime carving wonderful utensils.

Wash Bowl: Ortlieb 10L – Also for hauling water, body washing, foot bath, rain hat ;.)
Scouring Pad: Generic – To scrub the stainless steel.
Towels: Cotton – Some small kitchen towels to dry and clean.

Bags: Divers – All kinds of bags to keep various items.


Camera Cleaning: Sensor Swabs, Blower, Lens Fluid, Lens Cloth, Camera Cloth, Body Brush – Keeping the camera and lenses clean is key for longevity and good image quality.

Gorillapod: Joby + Manfrotto 492 Ballhead & 323 RC2 Adapter (Aftermarket).
Tripod: Manfrotto Befree Live + 323 Adapter (Aftermarket).

Lavelier Microphone: Azden EX503 – Recording sound on person.

Travel Adapter: Skross MUV – Adaptable to almost every wall socket in the world. Bring extra fuses!
Powerstrip: Generic – To expand the use of the travel adapter.
USB Hub: Generic – To expand the use of the USB outputs of the travel adapter.
Spare Batteries: AA & AAA – Enough.


Universal Drain Plug: To wash clothes, dishes or ourselves.
Sponge: To wipe/wash bird poo from our tent.
Bulldog Clips: To close food packages or hanging wet clothes from our bike.
Trash Bags: Leave no trace.
Pastime: Set of Playing Cards.