Bag + Drybag: Ray Mears Osprey + Ortlieb 12L – A very good central zip synthetic bag.
Liner: Bever Supalite 1P – Easy to wash and keeping my main bag as clean as possible.
Mat: Exped Synmat 7MW – 8 Years old and still going. Has seen better days.
Maudi has the new 3-D version which I am probably going to get when this one fails.
Pillow + Liner: Thermarest Compressible Pillow L + Cotton Liner – Almost like home.
Eyemask: Sea to Summit – A must as I wake up easily when the sun is out.
Earplugs: 3M – For al kinds of noisy situations, especially at night.
Pee Sack: Nalgene Canteen 1L – To not have to dress and go outside in the middle of the night for a call of nature.


Clothing Bag: Cube – A neat way of keeping my clothes organized that get the least use.
Washing Bag: Nylon Homemade – For storing dirty laundry.
Switch Bag: Nylon Homemade – Switching out Bike/Camp clothes.
Extra Layers Bag: Old Drybag – I keep this close when I go to bed during a cold night.

Windbreaker: Patagonia Houdini – Cold wind, a bit of rain, it breathes well so ideal when active.
Wind + Insulation: Rab Nebula – For when it’s definitely cold.
Rain Jacket: OR Foray – Lots of ventilation options, maybe the perfect cycling rain shell?
Rain Pants: OR Foray – As with the jacket, ventilation is the big feature.

Baselayer SS (2x): Dilling Merino – I can wear these 2 weeks without them smelling foul.
Singlet: Dilling Merino – For warm days and getting a tan going.
Sweater: Woolpower Full Zip – Warm, high collar, thumb loops. These are made for the Swedish army.
Blouse: Cotton XL – For protection of technical clothing in the woods and by fires.
Blouse: Cotton L – Sunblock, airy for on and off the bike.
Blouse: Cotton L – A nice looking shirt for a special occasion.

Underpants (5x): H&M – Cotton plain.
Pants Long: Quechua Forclaz 100 – For cycling and hiking.
Pants Long: Denim – For blending in around town and just feel like yourself.
Shorts (2x): Decathlon / Olaian SurfShort – To wear when cycling in warm weather, swimming.

Sandal: Keen Clearwater CNX – Ideal for cycling, airy and quick drying, almost zero drop.
Boot: Lems Boulder Black + Superfeet – Zero drop boots for in the woods. Lightweight!
Socks (4x): Homemade or Generic – Maudi’s Grandmothers or some old ones.

Baselayer Pants Quechua Merino – Extra sleeping layer or for very cold days out and about.
Gloves: Wool – A simple pair for chilly days on the bike.
Buff: Merino – Multi purpose,  keeps my neck insulated from draughts during a cold night.
Beanie: Wool – Keeping my head toasty when it is really cold outside or at night.
Hat: Down the road somewhere? – A wide brim protects against sun on my face, ears and neck.
Baseball Cap: Yellow – Just a cheap cap to shed rain (under a hoody) and all around use.
Handkerchiefs: Cotton Homemade – For all kinds of different cleaning purposes.

Helmet: MET – My old MTB helmet.
Sunglasses: Tifosi Veloce Fototec – Protection against sun, rain, insects and debris.
Cycling Shorts (2x): Pearl Izumi Attack Bib + Agu Bib – My butt needs some cushioning.
Waterproof Socks: Sealskinz – Keeping my feet warm even when punctured
Safety Vest: Generic – When there is a lot of traffic we would like to stand out!


Bag: Generic – Storing most items.
Washcloth: Cotton – Great for washing the whole body, some hot water and a little soap.
Towel: Generic – Just a small thin cotton towel.

Toothpaste: Parodontax …and then whatever we can find along the way…
Toothbrush: Aquafresh – With the very best care, you will keep them there!
Dental Sticks: Jordan Extra Slim – Help keeping my teeth in good condition.

Soap + Bag: Tar Soap – I keep this in a small bag to let it dry overnight.
Comb (2x): Small plastic – Stored in different places for easy acces.
Shaving: Philips OneBlade + Spare – This take care of all of my shaving needs.
Deodorant: Coconut oil + Soda Bicarbonate – So simple and it just works great.

Insect Head-net: ? – With a hat and this my face is protected from our flying foes.
Insect Repellant: Wilma Oil – Swedish formula based on birch tar.
Lip Balm: Beeswax based – My lips dry easily so a little extra care is needed.
Sunscreen: ??? – For when te sun really beats down.

Condoms: Durex – For …
Balm: Tiger Balm – Something to ease the muscles a bit.
Baby Cream: ??? – For raw and dry skin.
Chamoise Cremé: ??? – This helps keeps my bum happy.


Bag: Drybag Ortlieb 1,5L Orange – To keep everything well… dry!
Toilet Paper + Backup: What I get my hands on.
Lighter: Bic when available – Burning toilet paper afterwards prevents animals from hauling potentially infectious material to places where it can cause trouble.
Firepads: DIY cotton pads dipped in paraffin – When the toilet paper isn’t catching fire these are amazing. Also great to build a fire fast and easy!
Liquid Soap: Alcohol Based – Washing hands and backup fuel for lighting fires.



Body: Sony A6000 + Battery + SD Card 64GB – A good APS-C system with interchangeable lenses .
Card Container: Pelican 12x SD – A very sturdy and waterproof container keeps my data safe.
Extra Cards (4x): Sandisk 64GB – You never have enough…
Charger & Batteries (3x): RavPower – If you shoot a lot, extra batteries are mandatory.
Microphone: Sony ECM GZ1M – A hotshoe mic for the A6000.
Deadcat: DIY – To save some money.

Lens: Sony 18-105mm F4.0 G-Master – An almost do it al lens, great for video.
   *Filter: Kenko MC UV 72mm – To protect the lens.
Lens: Sigma 16mm F1.4 – Great lens for low light and shallow depth of field wide angle shots.
   *Filter: Hoya HDX UV 67mm – To protect the lens.
ND Filter: Hoya Variable ND filter 72mm – Sunglasses for the lenses.
Stepup Ring: Caruba 67mm / 72mm – To adapt the ND filter to the smaller thread size of the Sigma 16mm.


Actioncam: Sony FDR-X3000R – Nice camera with a very good stabilizer.
   *SD Card: SanDisk 64GB Micro SDHC Extreme Pro U3 – Can the name be longer? 4K Capable.
   *Underwater Housing (2x): MPK-UWH1 – One for complete waterproofness, the other modified to protect the lens and body while trying crazy angles.
Microphone: Rode VideoMicro – The modified underwater housing has a hole drilled for this mic.
Audio Recorder: Zoom H1 – A simple but effective recorder for all kinds of recordings.
Helm Mount: ( VCT-RBM2 / VCT-HM2 )

Friction Arm: Kamerar 11″ – Making all kinds of camera angles possible.
Clamp: Generic – To clamp the arm onto different objects.


Powerbank: Anker Powercore Speed QC3 20.000 mAh – Quick charge and large capacity. 
   *QC3 Plug: Voltcraft – Works with the powerbank to charge quickly. Get more power out op rest stops.


Computer: Macbook Air 2014 – Pretty powerful laptop.
   *Sleeve: Thule Gaunlet – Nice to have a rugged case/sleeve to protect my laptop.
Mobile HD: WD Elements 2TB – Backup storage for important files.
Mouse: Apple Bluetooth – Editing is so much easier with a mouse.


Backpack: Quechua 20L – Shopping, hiking, going around town.
Bumbag: Eastpak Springer – Holds my wallet, lighter, folding knife and other bits and bobs.
Passport: Business – With extra pages for the same price.
Vaccination Passport: GGD – Could be asked for at a border or when an accident happens.
Telephone: Nokia 3310 + Charger – Nearly indestructible!
Pen & Paper: Moleskin – Ideas, doodles, phone numbers, tips, directions, etc.
Paperwork: Copy’s of all important documents.
Exercise: Rubber Band – Keeping those areas that need some attention in shape.


Necklace: Emergency Whistle & Tick Removal – Whistle for making contact when in need of help in the backcountry and a tick removal slider. Ticks are almost everywhere an can harbor serious deceases.
Fire Making: Firesteel – The universal fire lighter, on a lanyard attached to my pants.
Headlamp: Petzl – This is always close when dusk approaches in the wild.
Cord: Paracord – Couple of hanks for 101 uses and probably more…